The MONO GROUP has started operation as a packaging industry under the aegis of the Group’s first concern – the Mono Packaging Industries in 1989 which is now private limited company under the name Mono Bag Mills Ltd (MBML). More enterprises were established in the early 2010s, covering diverse products and services including Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) or Jumbo/Big. We sincerely acknowledge the contribution of the Masterpack Group, The Netherlands for contributing technical knowhow, advice, financial assistance and moreover, marketing of our products in the international arena.

The project has been equipped with appropriate technology and machinery to attain the best quality of production. Very strong professional attitude to recruit highly professionals and technical people and ensure right persons in a right places and also ensure best quality of Raw materials by establishing very strong supply chain management system in this organization. This is how Mono Bag Mills Limited in now the leading producer of FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) in the Southeast Asia.  The Company has an annual production Capacity of 3600 Tons or 1.50 million pieces (approximate) of FIBC bags.

MONO GROUP is a fast-growing business conglomerate which started its operations in 1989. Mono Packaging Industries is the Mother Concern of the group which is a 100% Export (deemed) oriented Carton, Poly Manufacturing Company. With the passage of time Mono Group has flourished its business & more enterprises were established at the beginning of the 21st century covering diversified products such as PP woven bags, Poultry, Fish, Dairy, Cattle Feed & Broiler DOC.

In 2012 the flagship company of the group “MONO BAG MILLS LTD.” was established in Mawna, Gazipur. MBML is a 100% Export Oriented Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) Manufacturing Company. It has an annual production capacity of 4000 tons or 12 million pieces (approximate) of FIBC Bags; 30% of which are manufactured in Clean Room facility. Currently, MBML is exporting its FIBC Bags in 10 countries across 4 continents throughout the world.

At present, more than 1200 people are working in Mono Group with the Mission to create a strong & unique brand value by providing creative solutions to the problems of the customers.